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Topographic Surveys

Key benefits:

• Facilitate design of homes and drive ways especially on sloping or wooded sites.
• The design of subdivisions require topographic surveys for the placement of roads, home sites and erosion control measures plus accurate topographic surveys are critical for the successful design of any land development project.
• Many municipal and county planning departments require topographic Surveys.
• Topographic Surveys show improvements such as; roads, drives, buildings and utilities enabling the site designer to blend the new design into the old.

Blue Ridge Land Surveying uses highly accurate electronic Total Station instruments coupled with versatile hand held computers to gather and store topographic information in the field.

The information gathered in the field is easily transferred to our powerful office computers, where we generate the final topographic map.

Topographic maps are supplied as printed maps and digital computer files which we can deliver to our clients via email, or on CD ROM.

For larger tracts of land, we work with various Aerial Mapping firms to deliver topographic surveys using aerial photography.


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