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Type of Surveys

Boundary Surveys:
Accurate boundary surveys are the corner stone of our profession. Continual study of North Carolina Boundary Law, combined with years of experience using forensic procedures in finding physical boundary evidence enables us to provide highly accurate surveys.

Topographic Surveys:

Elevations are taken over the site in order to calculate accurate contours through points of equal elevations. Ground topographic surveys are made for sites ranging from single house sites to future subdivisions to commercial developments and are used for site designs.

Construction Services:

We developed a method for building layout, which allows the builder to dig and pour the footing quicker and to begin constructing the foundation faster. Standard site staking, such as; storm water and sewer structures, curb and gutter, and roads are included.

Subdivision Services:
We provide site design, construction layout, lot layout and recording services for subdivisions in our area.

Court Services:

We serve as expert witnesses in boundary problem cases, provide exhibit production and special land surveying services for investigations.

Flood Certifications:
We have been surveying sites and preparing flood certifications for many years.


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