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Court Services

Surveying services are often required for the investigation and presentation of evidence in both criminal and civil court cases.

The Professional Land Surveyor aids the court by locating physical features and evidence at crime and accident scenes.

The Professional Land Surveyor is the expert used to present the facts relating to boundary line disputes and measured evidence in other types of court cases.

Professional preparation of court exhibits aid in the presentation of a case before the court.

Professional demeanor and clear communication skills make the Professional Surveyor an effective expert witness.

Crime Scene Survey:
We have performed several surveys of crime scenes to provide a better understanding of site and of the events at the site.

Court Exhibits: We have prepared many exhibits for presentation in court. Large maps and charts make it easy to relay information to the judge and jury.

Expert Witness: The Professional Surveyors of Blue Ridge Land Surveying, Inc. have experience in presenting testimony before the court as expert witnesses. Knowledge of North Carolina Boundary Law, professional appearance and the ability to present the results of a survey in a clear and concise manner distinguish the Surveyors at Blue Ridge Land Surveying, Inc.


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