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Construction Surveys

Construction surveying services include site layout for grading, layout for utilities such as sanitary sewers and drainage structures, layout for construction of paved areas and curbs, and the layout of buildings.

We can import site plans from design firms who use AutoCAD or a similar program. This enables us to generate a digital database of coordinates for our field computers allowing us to mark any desired point in the project on the ground.

Site Consultation:
We can meet with builders, design professionals and homeowners in the field to position structures with regard to view, solar aspect or to existing physical features. We can place critical points of the structure on the ground to allow for approval or revision. Revisions are quick and easy ensuring that the placement of structures is to the client's satisfaction.

Blue Ridge Land Surveying, Inc. developed a special process for building stake out.

Step 1: We review the plans in detail and enter the dimensions into AutoCAD. If we locate any dimensional errors in the plan, we contact our client and have the errors corrected before leaving the office.

Step 2: We position the building on the parcel using a site plan or by onsite consultation.

Step 3:
We place offset stakes for basement excavation.

Step 4:
After basement excavation, we place stakes at the exterior corners of the footings.
All stakes are numbered and we supply a guide map for ease of digging.

Step 5: If requested, we will place spikes in the footing ditches at the foundation wall corner
locations to guide the placement of vertical reinforcing steel.

Step 6:
After the footings are poured, we mark the foundation wall corners in the
concrete with small nails, so the foundation contractor can begin building the walls.

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