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Boundary Surveys

Key Benefits:
o The peace of mind in knowing the location of your land boundaries.
o The confidence to place improvements such as houses, fences, sheds, garages, and landscaping without fear of violating building set back lines or encroaching upon your neighbors.
o Discovery of boundary problems before purchasing property.
o The ability to accurately assess factors affecting your property such as easements and rights of way, encroachments, adverse possession and overlaps of Title.

Boundary Surveys:

A Boundary Survey is just a survey of the outer boundary of the property. Meticulous research of the public records in the courthouse is done. Detailed field search for boundary evidence and occupation are done at the property. The final survey map will show the boundary lines along with all improvements along the outer boundary such as; fences, above ground utilities and roads.

Location Surveys:
A Location Survey consists of a Boundary Survey as well as the location of all improvements on the property. An example would be the house, walks, decks, fences, water meters, and power lines. This type of survey is especially usefully on small lots. It's harder on larger tracts but sometimes necessary.

Large Tract Surveys:
Large Tract Surveys are usually Boundary Surveys. These surveys are necessary before a subdivision can be designed. This would include dividing a one acre lot out of a larger parcel or dividing a large tract into 100 lots with roads and utilities.

Commercial Boundary Surveys:
Surveys of commercial properties require care and accuracies above and beyond those normally required for residential or farm properties. Many commercial clients require surveys which meet the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ALTA/ACSM) survey specifications. We have produced many surveys which meet these stringent standards

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